Conservative Business Directory
for Mercer County, PA
As Patriots we try to take a stand for the values that made America great, but then we go shopping and give our money to those who are trying to destroy our country.

So many businesses have blindly embraced the beliefs and narratives of the dark side, it is difficult, if not impossible, to avoid buying goods and services from the "woke" mob. 

But what if we could share with each other the conservative-owned businesses we run across so that we all have more options in putting our money into the hands of those who deserve it?

That's what the Conservative Business Directory is all about.

Help us with two things:

1.  Share with us any businesses you know who have owners or even a local manager who share our conservative values.

2.  If someone is on the list you think should NOT be on the list, let us know.

And how about a third:  wen you shop at these businesses, thank them for being patriots and loving our country and righteousness.

Now go to
and there you will find a list of conservative-owned businesses and an opportunity to add some of your own.  thank you.