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We have no allegiance to any political party.  If you are a conservative who believes in limited government as set forth in our founding documents, we would be honored to have you  join with us in common cause.

Many of our shared values are listed on the "Home" page of this site. There is no cost to join and freedom-lovers of many different kinds are welcome here.
How Can YOU Help Save Our Freedoms?
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Just being there let's others know we are all in this together.  Support others.  Get the information you need to act at the level you choose.  Enjoy the company of like-minded patriots.  We will see you at the next meeting.  See Upcoming Events.

We need help.  What are you good at?  What do you enjoy doing?  From the smallest to the most intense tasks, whatever you are willing to do will help.  Yes, you can join us and do nothing.  But much work needs to be done if we are going to fulfill our mission and change our community and our country.  Talk to Monica, the president of Mercer County Patriots, and find out where you can fit in.

Every worthwhile endeavor needs money.  We are very frugal and accountable with all the funds entrusted to us.  But what projects we can undertake are often dictated by our budget.  We don't ask a lot for money.  But we do want you to know, any donations will go a long way to helping us accomplish our vitally important mission.
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